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General recommendations

  • Clean your device once a week
  • Unplug your router and device once a month
  • Make sure your device storage is over 1.5 GB
  • Always use the 5G network
  • If you can, hard-wire (ethernet cable) your device
  • If your device is over 3 or 4 years old replace it
  • If buying Fire Sticks, purchase 4K Max models

Problems with Downloader?

Try one or all of the following:

  1. Make sure you pressed allow on the opening pop-up.
  2. Clear the data off of the app.
  3. Restart the device.
  4. Wait 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall it.
  6. Check the storage and remove unnecessary applications if need be.
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Understanding buffering

To understand buffering, you must first understand that an IPTV stream isn’t sent directly to a device as is. Instead, the IPTV servers issue data “packets.”

These packets are why you can keep streaming for a few seconds after losing your internet connection.

If there’s a delay in sending, receiving, or processing those data packets, it causes your device to pause while it waits for more packets.

This process is called buffering. 

Solution 1

Refresh, refresh, refresh.  

Streams can become stagnant. When you first experience buffering and/or lag simply refreshing the contents can work wonders.

Solution 2

Turn Off Devices

Having too many devices connected to your network slows the network down, leading to longer loading times. The more computers, games consoles, internet radios, phones, and tablets you have on your network the slower it is.

These devices take a piece of the internet processing speed for themselves. The first step to fixing a buffering stream is to disconnect unnecessary devices.

Solution 3

Reboot Your Router and IPTV Device

Restarting your router and IPTV device is the next step. You’d be surprised how many issues rebooting your devices fix.

Sometimes the connection between the devices becomes unsynchronized, so you have to reboot them to restart a clean connection. Simply unplug your device for 3 - 5 minutes then plug back in.

Solution 4

Switch to Wired Internet

Most people connect to the internet through a “Wireless Internet System Provider.” A wireless connection is great if you can’t get a standard cable of 5G service.

However, these systems also suffer from connection and speed issues, particularly in peak hours.

They also slow down during the summer when more people are at home connected to the internet. Switching to a wired ethernet connection offers a more stable connection with a much less chance for any data loss.

Solution 5

Understand Minimum Internet Speeds for IPTV

Streaming IPTV takes a stable and decent internet connection. Here are the recommended minimum internet speeds going through your device.

• 30Mbps for SD content

• 50MBps for HD content

• 100Mbps for Ultra HD content

This is a problem that you can’t do much about. Your internet speed is determined by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and there’s not much you can do to make it faster.

You can pay more for a faster internet or switch providers, and that’s about it.

Solution 6

Increase Buffering On Devices

Some IPTV devices let users increase the buffer size. This means that your device downloads more data. You’ll have more room to play with when waiting for more data.

Check the system settings for your box to see if you can change the buffering settings. If you can’t see the setting, try searching online for instructions on how to do so.

Solution 7

Switch To SD Channels (Low Bandwidth)

It takes more effort to stream HD content compared to SD content. If you have a slow internet connection and run into lots of buffering, you should switch to SD or Low Bandwidth channels.

SD channels use less data, meaning that they run smoother than HD channels.

Solution 8

Speed Tests

We recommend you run an online speed test to verify your internet connection speeds. You can see if your ISP is throttling your connection or not.

However, some people believe an ISP can tell if you are running a speed test and lift the throttling on your account to give you a false connection speed.

Solution 9

Storage and age

This is a big one. A lot of people think that they can download and endless amount of applications and that the devices will last forever. However, these things could not be further from the truth, unfortunately.

The most popular device is by far the Amazon Fire Stick. While this device is probably the best bang for your buck they have very little space available and typically start to malfunction after just a couple of years.

If your device has under 1.5 GB available it’s time to remove some unnecessary applications. Likewise, if your device is 3 years or older, it may be time you purchased a new one.

Solution 10

Make sure you are on the correct network

Devices will often fall into the 2.4G Network. Also, a lot of ISPs will set you on that network by default when they install the service or come out for service repairs.

You want to be connected to the 5G network if at all possible. After all, there is a reason why all the cell phone services switched to it.

Solution 11

Use a VPN

Internet Service Providers will slow your speed down and mess with your viewing experience especially during highly watched events such as PPV and sporting events. They will also record your IP address and monitor your behavior . A VPN will protect your privacy and eliminate any throttling your ISP may be doing. We offer a premium VPN for our members free of charge.

This will solve over 90% of all issues.

Did you know simply unplugging your router and device for 5 minutes, or more, will stop almost all issues you may be experiencing?

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