How to install IPVanish VPN

1. Open Downloadermake sure you are on home and enter code 423255 Then press Go. 


2. After being redirected to our Downloads site select the fourth option IPVanish VPN and download the app.


3. You'll then get a pop-up where you want to select install.    

4. When opening the app for the first time it may take a little longer to load due to the encryption we use. This will only occur the first time. After it loads, you'll come to a sign in page. Use your service credentials to sign in. If you do not have these please request them at and let us know you just installed IPVanish VPN.   

5. Then click on connect.    

6.  Click OK when you receive this Connection request message.   

7. That’s it! You have installed IPVanish on your Firestick/Fire TV and now have a secure connection to the Internet. 


 Tips and pointers

  • Do not be afraid to try other locations if the recommended location is not helping.  
  • For our service you’ll most likely want to stick with USA locations.
  • Do not think that the VPN will solve all issues. You’ll still need to do your maintenance on your device. The VPN should be looked at as a last resort.
  • If you have your VPN on and you are experiencing buffering try turning it off.  ISP’s do not throttle all the time and the VPN can actually cause more harm than good during those times.  
  • If you don’t need to use the VPN don’t.  

Please note:  Our agreement with IPVanish VPN is for Android based devices only (Fire Sticks, Onn Box, Nvidia Sheilds, phones, tablets, etc.). iOS, Roku, and other devices are not supported.  

Please note: For most members your username will be the very first part of your email (everything before the "@" symbol) and your password will be your phone number without any spaces or special characters.  

Ie: = john_doe

(555) 123-4567 = 5551234567

If this doesn't work for you please fill out a support ticket and request your credentials.