How to check your Fire Stick storage

1. Go to the FireStick home screen and scroll to the settings menu.

free up space on firestick

2. Select My Fire TV.

how to clear space on firestick

3. Go to About and click on it.

clean up fire stick

4. Scroll down to Storage and you can see the remaining storage space on FireStick.

how to clear storage on amazon fire stick

In my case, I was left with only 850 MB of space on my FireStick. Time to free up some space on our FireStick and enjoy a smooth cord-cutting experience. 

Do your devices have low storage? See How to clean your device and How to remove apps

You want to have no less than 1.8 GB available at all times and the more the better. The device will under-perform with anything less than that and the service will suffer.