How to install the movies & series apps

Somethings to know about these apps before you install.

  • These are only link fetcher applications. They do a deep search for copies of the movies and/or series you might be looking for and makes them available for you to try.  
  • We are not responsible for any of the links they find. We only created the apps that finds them. If they are wrong, don't play, or whatever the issue might be, simply move on and try the next link. They aren't from us, and we cannot fix them.  
  • If the apps don't pull up any links of the title you have searched for, it means there are no known copies available. You can still make a request of the title you are looking for to be added to our system.  However, If the apps can't find it, we most likely won't be able to either.  
  • The apps have built-in security and will block any links that are potential risks. You are safe!
  • Some of these links will be very poor quality or CAM (hacked copies) versions.  Remember it's pulling from the internet, so sometimes you get garbage.  
  • They are only available on Android based devices (Fire devices, Onn Boxes, Nvidia Sheilds, etc.) and Downloader is needed to install them. Roku, iOS/Apple, Samsung/LG Smart TVs will not work.
  • Since space is limited on most devices, we suggest trying them all but only keep the ones you like the best. The more space you have available the better your device will perform.
  • With all this said, these apps actually work well. We hope you enjoy them as it's a great additional source for your regular on-demand content.


1.  In Downloader (press here to find out how to install Downloader) make sure you have Home highlighted and enter code 423255      

2. After you are redirected to our downloads page, scroll your cursor down our list of apps until you see the Movie & Series Applications section. Press on Download Matinee II, Video Max, and or Easy Play. We recommend you try them all but only keep the one(s) you plan on using. Remember storage is limited on most devices and will severely affect performance if low.  


3. After the app finishes downloading, you'll see a pop-up asking if you want to install the app. Click on install.   

4. You have now successfully installed the application.

5. Open the app, make sure you press on allow when/if you see the pop-up, and enter your credentials (see below). 

Please note: For most members your username will be the very first part of your email (everything before the "@" symbol) and your password will be your phone number without any spaces or special characters.  

Ie: = john_doe

(555) 123-4567 = 5551234567

If this doesn't work for you please fill out a support ticket and request your credentials.