Movies 101

1. Select Movies from the home screen of the app. 


2. You can also get to them while inside one of the sections at the top.  

3.  The different movie categories are located on the far left side. Simply select the category you are looking for and the different movies for that specific category will populate.


4. There a two ways to search for movies.  At the top is a category specific search. 


5. Above the categories is a universal search. 


6. After choosing a title it will bring you to detailed information about the movie where you can select to play it if you want.  

 7. While on the screen with the detailed information if you press down it will bring you to the cast.  

8. By pressing on a paticular cast member it will bring you to all the movies he/she has appeared in.  In this example I've selected Nicholas Cage. If I want to select a movie from there I simply press Find Movie. Where I can choose to watch the movie if it's available.


9. While the movie is playing you can access the menu at anytime by pressing on the select/center button.  You can enable subtitles, change audio, as well as bring up the movie information, and change the aspect ratio. You can also pause, fast forward and rewind but you can do those by using your remote buttons as well.