General app knowledge

1. This is the home screen of the app. You can access, Live TV, Movies, Series, Settings, Reload your playlist, Change Playlists, Check your Account, and Exit the app from there. 


2. When you select Live TV you can get to all your categories and different channels.  

3. On your far left are all the different categories, such as, sports, entertainment, and news. Towards the top will be your favorites category and will contain your favorited channels. At the very top will be your recently viewed category. This will store your channel history and will work as a way to view previously viewed channels. Your Live TV history will reset upon playlist reload.


4. Simply, select a category by highlighting and pressing on it. This will show you all the channels in the specific category where you can press to the left and highlight the channel you want to watch. 


5. Pressing on the channel will bring up a preview of what is currently playing. Pressing on it another time will make it full screen.

6.  Below the preview will display the EPG (Guide). If you would like to find a more detaild description of what's on see program details.

7. You can access the different sections (Home, Live TV, Movies, Series) from here.  

8. As well as do a search from two different places.  Find out how to do a search

9. If you come across a channel that says no signal found it is because the stream is down. Typically these are fixed almost instantly and a simple change of the channel, and then return, will reset the stream for you. However, if it does not please let us know and we'll fix the issue immediately, if we can. Remember sometimes the TV station itself has problems.


 10. The best way to close the IBO Player Pro is to press Exit on the home screen.  

11. You'll then get a pop-up asking you to confirm the exit of the application. This will ensure that the app isn't running in the background, slowing down your device performance.