How to update the IBO Player Pro

On Android devices that are officially Google certified (Nvidia Shield, Onn Box, Chromecast with Google TV, etc.) the application will automatically install the latest updates, and there is nothing for you to do.  

On Fire devices things are a little different.  Here's how to get the latest version. Note: Do NOT delete or uninstall your current version of the application.

1. While in settings head to Update Now. From here it will let you know if there is or isn't an update available.  

2. If there ia an update press on Skip.  

3. Exit the application, open Downloader, make sure you are on home and enter code 423255 Then press Go.  

4. After being redirected to our Downloads site select the first option IBO Player Pro and download the update.

5. You'll then get a pop-up where you want to select install.  

6. Once it's finished installing select Done.  

7. Lastly, delete the 2 pop-ups in Downloader.  When you return to the IBO Player Pro you'll now be on the latest version.  

Once again, you do not uninstall or delete your existing IBO Player Pro app. The update will install over your current version and the app will then be updated.